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Edu Brain Admission Process

  • The prospectus along with the admission form are available on all working days from 9:00 A.M. to 6 P.M. on payment of Rs. 150/- in cash.
  • The candidate should submit the complete admission form along with all the necessary documents.
  • Each admission should be accompanied by :
  • Registration fee of Rs. 500/- to be deposited in cash or by bank draft.
  • Attested photostat copy of Mark sheet/Certificate of last examination passed.
  • Attested photostat copy of character certificate of the Ist institution attended.
  • Four passport size photographs.
  • The admission will be confirmed only after the submission of the admission fee.
  • The admission will be on first come first serve basis.

Admission Eligibility at Edu Brain

  • The applicant can apply for more than one course at a time.
    Minimum qualification required for the admission is X, XII or graduation according to different courses.
  • The age of the applicant must be minimum 15 years at the time of admission.
  • A special consideration shall be given to students belonging to SC/ST or rural background, defense or handicapped.

Rules & Regulations

  • Any kind of fee, once taken, shall not be refunded by the institution regardless of whether the student joins or not after admission or discontinues during the term.
  • The first term fee shall be taken at the time of admission.
  • All fees & dues must be paid in Cash / Drafts/ Cheque. Drafts & Cheque to be made in the favor of Edu Brain Foundation.
  • Defaulters in paying any due shall pay the fine till 12 days hence forth, the institution reserves the right to strike off their names from the rolls.
  • Students are required to keep the receipts safely and show them when asked by the authorities.
  • The office shall not be sending any individual reminders for the payment of dues.
  • All fees quoted in the prospectus relate to one academic year only.
  • All fees, tuition, admission, examination, etc. are liable to be reviewed and changed without any notice.
  • Service pay has to be paid along with the fees.
  • The fee is charged on monthly basis. Examination fee Rs. 550 is to be paid before mid-term & final examination.
  • In case of workshops organized outside, students may be asked to pay a nominal participation fee.
  • Students are advised not to mishandle the institution property. Damage to any furniture, property or books etc. will be chargeable from the students to the extent of same or replacement cost, as the case may be.
  • The year will be divided in two semesters conducting examination towards the end of the first & second semester to know the progress of the student. Results of all the semesters will decide the division on the diploma.
  • Prior permission of the Principal must be taken before proceeding on leave. An exception can be made in case of medical reasons which also should be proven by a medical examination from a competent doctor.
  • To avail the full benefit of the institution the following requirements have to be enforced.
  • Regular attendance & punctuality has to be observed.
    Misconduct or bunking classes shall not be permitted.
  • Any misconduct in the shape of disobedience of principal/ director/ lecturer’s lawful orders, rudeness or habitually coming late will not be tolerated.
  • The managing committee of the institution reserves the right in its absolute discretion to change the syllabus, the timings of the institution, closure of a particular course or introduction of a new course.
  • No parent or relative shall walk in the class room directly to meet a student. They are required to visit the reception room and forward the request in writing to the principal.
  • No student is allowed to bring mobile phones in the institution.
  • Students are themselves responsible for their property.
  • The students will be allowed to use classrooms only during institution hours.
  • Course once opted cannot be downgraded. Under exceptional cases after permission from Director, down gradation is possible and a down gradation fee of Rs. 950/- has to be paid by the Director.