2019 – College  Fashion Tips

It’s the beginning of a new phase of life. And every girl wants to look best in your college. Clothing should be comfortable in which you look confident. You just need to follow the trends. The better you dress, the fresh you look. Here Edu Brain Academy can make your collection more fashionable.

  1. In your wardrobe – collections of T-shirt must have. You can style them up with Denim, Palazzo, Jeans, Jegging, Leggings, pants, shorts and whatsoever.
  2. Don’t forget pair of jeans and Jeggings.
  3. Keep collection of blazers in your style. It’s never goes out of fashion.
  4. Well fitted jackets. It always looks good and be in trend.
  5. Denim jackets can be wore with any dress or attire.
  6. Skirts and shorts are basic essential for summer.
  7. Printed and checked shirts are always in trend.
  8. Scarves are best for any season. You can style up with anything in any season.
  9. Your shoes collection must consist of riding boots, sneakers, high heels, belle flats and wedges.
  10. Accessory collection includes stud earrings, watch rings and small pendants, oxidised jewellery, belts and some vintage style necklace.
  11. Bags consist of handbags, Tota bags, sling bags, cross body bags and backpacks.

They all are the basics clothing you must have in your wardrobe. Invest into it and trust me it will help you a lot to improve your fashion sense.

Ms. Anju Yadav ( Fashion Faculty – Edu Brain Academy)


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