5 Wardrobe essentials for Women

We independently select and think to wear what we like to wear. We Edu brain A fashion designing institute in delhi will help you to design your wardrobe and will help the new generation to know what is 5 Wardrobe essentials for women.

Every women has their own personality and own individual style,and want to look stylish everyday,which accomplish their inner beauty. However every person knows,women is a big fashion fiesta, because of them trends keep on changing.its quite difficult to get only five things in their wardrobe. But if we talk about 5 essential things in a wardrobe that can be wear anywhere in any occasion and help you to feel confident and comfortable are as :

  1. Pair of Denims

People of all ages from kids to aged everyone loves to wear denim. It is very attractive with high quality of fabric these days. Apart from preferring cotton pants for office wear,girls prefer to wear black denim,which look like formal and stretchable.now a days mostly the womens are working and get less time for household work,in this regard jeans are oftenly washed unlike other bottoms. wether you wear for office or for outing it is highly in demand. Moreover,one is wealthy or poor jeans is everyone's favourite attire and very economical. It  can be matched with any kind of clothing,however the best part is that it is designed for all men,women and kids in each shapes and sizes.

  1. Black Dress

When we Heard of black dress,the short black dress or party black gown is always in our imagination and always look classy on every women.whenever we are in doubt of what to wear in a party. Very first ,Black dress comes in our mind and even you will feel confident in it.For the black dress no explanation is needed whether it is with neckline,high collar or deep neck,it always look glamorous in night and simple and elegant in day.so no need to think much to buy a black dress.

  1. White T shirt/Shirt

The white T-shirt is one of the best clothing to wear and can be easily chosen by all and even it suits on every age whether it is round or v neck or shirt. Blue jeans and white T-shirt is always preferable and easy to carry.if you tuck ur T-Shirt in jeans,it will be a cheery on the cake. One of the best things for white colour is that it is a reflector  when you wear it and gives a shine on your face. Whether formal or informal , it is always wearable without second thought.

  1. Handbag/sling

Handbags/slings considered to be one of the most usable accessories for women as a status symbol.The handbags helps to carry womens  essential belongings of daily activities.Every women prefer to have a unique handbag because it is eye-catching that's why various designers come up with the latest designs and different colours.Earlier mostly the black and brown bags are chosen by all but now everyone go for different colours like Blue,Orange, Green , Yellow ,Grey and manymore. For some it is a status symbol wether it is small or big and for some it works as a storage.

  1. Simple Flats 

Simple flats,ballet flats are similar with very thin heel or no heel.it is very popular for women and is always in a fashion trend,either in casual,party or office wear. You can't go wrong with this fashion and never know when you are going to need them.The bellies will makes you feel crazy and comfortable.it is very well said that it is an aesthetic balance between the modern and chunky feel. Ballet flats now come up with wide range of brands,colour and styles and on upper toe come up with lots of decoration like bow,buttons,ribbons and many.

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Eligibility: 12th passed for B Design Course  
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