Design Your Home with useless material in COVID-19

India shutdown this time due to COVID -19 due to it make your self busy or creative is very important and your basic Interior design skills can help you,

Don't you think it would be a great idea to reuse the things from unwanted material and decorate your home without any expense?

3 R's of Science ie: Reuse, Recycle and Reduce work for Interior Designer too. Today we will talk about the designing which starts from your home and everybody knows that creativity has no limits, only you should be a good innovator with different ideas. However in every home, there are lots of wasteful items which are never been used from years and nobody take cares of it, that it can be reused. But only interior designer have that thought process to reuse that material with Their own ideas, innovations and creativity which helps them to reuse it and make their own home beautiful without any much expense.

Creative recycling gave lots of fun, either with family or individuals and even it is very good for the environment as well. Nowadays you must have been to various cafe, restaurants, lounges and pioneering projects that utilize recycled material which is appealing. Some of this material is innovative and others are plain household waste such as newspaper, wine corks, tins and many more. using them for decoration and styling where you will get homely environment and can work for an hour. The interior designer shows a new way of thinking about the waste - embracing the old in a new. Moreover, this upcycling material has become a big business of many interior decorators.

There are dozen of ways to reuse the waste materials like:

1. Wine bottles into a money plant.

2. Wall hanging by ropes and light.

3. Storage box and tabletops.

4. A tire can be used as a wall hanging or in a garden to grow a plant into it.

5. Use old socks as a toy for the kids room.

6. Plastic bottles for makeup stand.

7. Bracelet out of an old toothbrush.

This blog is a study of reuse interior design, an emerging field of interior design that seeks to enhance the sustainability in the homes and workspace through using existing furniture and material. Interior Designers redesign the existing material and turning them into a new design.

So next time, you are about to throw something into the trash, give a thought to reuse it. I assure you, you will get plenty of ideas. Only you need " CREATIVITY & STYLING"Your Skill or your hobby can become your profession and source of in income if you joined Edu Brain Interior Design Diploma Courses or any Interior Design Institute so that you can polish your skills ... for more details Visit :

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