Diploma In Makeup Artistry

Duration: 3 Months
Type: Certificate
Eligibility: 10th/12th or Equivalent

Makeup is used to either subtly enhance features or, at other times, heavier and more defined makeup is used for special events. The use of certain cosmetic substances to enhance the appearance of the face has been a common activity since ancient times. Cleopatra is known to have used pomegranate seeds to make lipstick while ancient Sumerians have used crushed gemstones to decorate their faces.

In Make Up Artist course, The candidate will be learning all the styles of Makeup from Base to Advance in this short duration course. They will also learn the technique used during the application of makeup , which makes a lot of difference in how your face appears and this is where most people falter. Makeup is an art not many people take seriously. There are certain things one should know about their makeup. A professional like application of makeup products can add layers of elegance to your face and you can bring that magic into your technique through subtle changes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of hygiene procedures and brush care
  • Understanding of skin types, skincare and priming to achieve the best makeup application possible and longevity of wear
  • Understanding of composition and context of makeup looks
  • Learn creating the perfect base, inclusive of colour correction, concealing, variants in levels of coverage and finish and how to achieve them.
  • Learn contour, bronzing, highlight and adding colour to the skin, using a variety of formulas and textures.
  • Learn eyebrows, gaining an understanding of a wide range of formulas and tools to create a variety of styles.
  • Understanding of creating the perfect base for every eye look to enable the best outcome and longevity of wear
  • Learn eyeshadow application, inclusive of blending, transitioning shades, adding depth and optimum placement of product.
  • Confidence with eyeliner application, inclusive of pencil liners, liquid and cream/gel formulas. Building an understanding of blending, precision and placement
  • Understanding of the perfect mascara application, false lash application and customising false lashes.
  • Mastering the perfect nude lip, inclusive of liner application, overdrawing/balancing lips, understanding a variety of formulas and finishes.
  • Confidence with bold lips, inclusive of precision, knowledge of tools and how utilise them to best achieve precision and balance, understanding of tones and shades.
  • Understanding of various aspects of the makeup industry and career paths available.
  • Understanding how to best serve your business utilising social media, customer service and networking.
  • Understanding of kit essentials, how to best plan, organise and build your kit..

We are living in the 21st century, where people like to choose vocational career and living the lives on their own terms and conditions. Vocational Course brings out the creative parts in you, gives you immense job satisfaction and at the same time you are earning a good amount of money out of it. Beauty and wellness industries are blooming now a days and giving the immense opportunities for the newcomers who wants to work in this field.

Not only that, beauty and wellness industry can rise you to fame like other career options, sometimes it also includes immense travelling around different places. Moreover it gives you freedom and make your own boss.

  • Beauty parlours,
  • Beauty clinics in hotels & health resorts
  • Pedicurist and Manicurist
  • TV & Film industry
  • Makeup Artist
  • Cosmetic firms as a sales consultant.
  • Nail Care Artists
  • Hair stylist
  • Beauty Care Distributor
  • Manufacturer Sales Representative
  • Fashion Show Stylist
  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Beauty Magazine Writer
  • Beauty Advisor
  • Modelling agencies
  • Spa Management
  • Self-employment