Fashion Designing Vs. Fashion Merchandizing-Which is best for you?

Fashion Designing Vs. Fashion Merchandizing- Which is best for you?

Setting your foot in the fashion industry may be a daunting process. It's a highly competitive field where incredible creative people and marketing masterminds work together to keep up with swiftly shifting trends and fussy audiences. A combination of innovativeness, creativity, style, authenticity and artistic keenness is what a career in fashion needs, and if you maintain just the right mix, this highly fascinating and charismatic industry's red carpets will roll out to welcome you. Staying updated on fashion trends, accessories, and brands are also essential to make a successful career in the fashion industry. But what really determines your career in the fashion sector is your skillset, and it is essential to choose a category that matches your passion and talents. Fashion Designing and Fashion Merchandising are two of the topmost careers in the industry. This article will explore which one you should choose as a career according to your skillset to succeed in the field.

Skills you need to become a fashion designer:

Fashion designers use their technical outlook and artistic ability to create new and unique garments according to the latest trends. As a fashion designer, staying updated on current fashion trends, forecasting, gaining inspiration and creating original designs from those inspirations is essential. A professional designer should have deep knowledge about fabrics, colours, various textures, materials, and patterns to make compelling designs. You may work on your projects or be hired to work on the company's projects. In vast and popular international or national brands, you're likely to work as part of a team of designers under a creative head. If working for a small company as an individual designer or choose to have your
own fashion boutique, you'll be responsible for your designs. You may also specialize in one specific area of design, such as sportswear, childrenswear, footwear, accessories or a wide variety of other options.

Skills you need to become a fashion merchandiser:

Fashion merchandising operates on meeting the needs of a manufacturer or retailer and making sure they have the right products needed at the right price, in the right places, at the right time and in the right volumes. Fashion merchandisers function as a link between the designers who want their market their products and retailers who covet the trendiest items available in their fashion repositories. A merchandiser must have excellent communication skills as they negotiate with designers, get marketing messages out to customers, to convince prospective buyers; all of these responsibilities require effective communication skills. A good fashion merchandiser must process a credible Forecasting Ability as they need to continually research and observe trends and predict the products and trends that would be agreeable to the target market while also keeping their clients' profits in mind. Decision- making skills and analytical abilities are also important traits of a merchandiser because they need to make predictions to suit the target market and also must satisfy budgets and customer needs. Vast Fashion Knowledge is also required as fashion merchandisers are expected to be well-versed in all perspectives of fashion, from garment construction to textile varieties. Fashion merchandisers must frequent fashion shows and explore resources such as industry magazines and blogs to stay updated on fashion trends.

The Verdict

According to expert opinion, fashion designing and fashion merchandising both are equally good choices for a grand career, but success greatly depends on your personal skillset. However, basic knowledge of fashion merchandising is covered up and taught in the fashion designing course and the top fashion institute in India you choose. Fashion designing demands lots of creativity and skills. One needs real passion and a lot of patience to pursue a career in fashion.Fashion merchandising, on the other hand, is clearly a technical field that needs strong analytical skills, problem-solving skills, decision making, communication skills combined with intricate design elements of a design, which is better developed after pursuing a fashion designing degree. Hence, choose either field has its benefits, and it is always rewarding to choose what's best for your skills rather than your wishes. While pursuing any fashion designing course or diploma in fashion designing, it is important to choose the right fashion institute and make sure it is among one of the top institutes for fashion designing. Edubrain offers you all you need to become a successful fashion designer. We are the best Fashion design school in New Delhi. Visit the Edubrain academy website: 
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