Garments Construction & Embroidery

Duration: 6 Months/12 Months
Type: Diploma
Eligibility: 10th/12th or equivalent

“Welcome to the Garment Construction course where you will learn about “Seams and Stitches Overview”, “T-Shirt Construction”, “Jean Construction” and “Dress-Shirt Construction”.

Diploma in Garment Construction will help you learn about the various types of stitches, seams, edge finishes, etc., all of which have a key role in garment construction. Sewing is a creative and interesting art and skill. To prepare a well-finished garment, its stitching is done by combining the different garment components. Garment construction is a technical accomplishment that requires the knowledge and skills of basic sewing techniques— application of stitches, seams, darts, gathers, pleats and edge finishing, etc. Its appropriate application in garment construction is necessary for a good quality product. A garment that is made, will be attractive if it fits well, and proper attention is paid to its finer details. It is essential to know and practise the various types of stitch, especially constructive stitches which include temporary and permanent stitches. To construct the garment, various types of seam are also used such as flat seam, lapped seam, French seam, slot seam, etc. The edges of garments are finished using different types of edge finishes like pinked finish, edge stitched finish, double stitch finish, etc.

The Dress Designing Diploma Course at Edu Brain is providing various dress designing programs that can increase opportunities for internships and to develop aspiring designers for the betterment of future. The more advanced programs of dress designing includes designing a style of dress, electing a fabric and constructing that in to a finished product. Although a degree is not necessary to become a dressmaker, individuals must possess strong sewing skills and an acute understanding of dress design and construction. Dressmakers study fashion trends, sketch designs of clothing, select various fabrics and implement or supervise the production of garments.

Diploma in Garment construction is the process of cutting and stitching of fabric to fit the human form. It is considered art to be able to design clothing items and other jewelry and fashion items. To be able to do these types of things, one first needs basic knowledge of how and sew and make basic clothing items. At Edu Brain Academy you can enrol for a Sewing or a Pattern making course that are designed to teach you all the fundamentals of garment construction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of quality in various processes and departments of garment manufacturing units.
  • Learn the importance and types of quality control.
  • Become aware of customer perception of quality.
  • Get well versed with the quality control tools.
  • Understand the concept and importance of care labels.
  • Become aware of eco labels.
  • Learn about various sewing equipment that are essential in a sewing room.
  • Gain an insight of various sewing machines available in the market, their functioning & common problems faced while usage.
  • Get knowledge of basic stitches that a seamstress can employ in garment construction.
  • Study about various pre-preparatory processes involved in fabric preparation for garment construction & get familiar with fabric grain & its importance.
  • Understand various garment construction processes like seams, fullness, neckline finishes, placket openings, hems, fasteners etc.
  • Get awareness on common layouts used in clothing construction and also the special layouts applicable for special fabrics.
  • Comprehend the importance and function of clothes.
  • Discover the clothing requirements of Infants, toddlers, preschool child, and Elementary school children.