How did COVID-19 impact EDU Brain Academy How did the institute overcome those challenges

1.How did COVID-19 impact EDU Brain Academy? How did the institute overcome those challenges?
The covid 19 pandemic had made a significant impact on Edu Brain Academy in the fall of enrolments. We have seen the drastic declination of enrolment for the first time. The campus was shut down in March and this is the time of rising of enrolment nationwide, where the student seek opportunity to visit to the campus or attend seminar/events. There were some frequent reasons we have received from the respondents in this pandemic that they either planned to attend two-year course rather than opting for 4-year course or another option they chose such as taking a gap year. In spite of providing a new platform of virtual learning—the acceptance of this new method of teaching was very less, which made a negatively impact on enrolments.
Furthermore, we overcome those challenges after taken some compulsory resources and safety measures at Institution.
 The Institution have implemented social distancing and adopted some classes online some in person with new technologies.
 Mandatory on-campus wearing of masks.
 temperature checks and full body sanetization before entering class.
 Gatherings limited to groups of 10 or less.
2.What are the predictable changes in higher education sector after COVID-19? How is EDU Brain Academy going to prepare its student for the future? The predictable post pandemic change in higher education sector is to go digital. The online learning has become necessary without a break in education of the students. There will also be a behavioural change everywhere like rearrangement of classroom, library, sanitising and maintain social distancing all the time. The changes in the teaching method, new curriculum with the effective tools will ensure students stay involved and active in the learning process. We have to adapt this method of teaching after covid 19 and even we are preparing our students for the future accordingly with new innovations, proactiveness, strategies ,technologies and embracing creativity with the new delivery modes.
3.Tell us more about the establishment of the institute and its vision and mission. (If any, please share some interesting facts or stories/anecdotes regarding the establishment of the institution). The Edu Brain Academy a self-funded institution based from Delhi was founded in 2010 run by Edu Brain Foundation(regd.). It makes a small beginning in a great change in the field of vocational education making it more meaningful and diversified. Through this experiment, we seek to break new ground by bridging the gap between static education and the social environment for youth. Edu Brain Academy helps in planning, designing, executing national and international vocational courses with the latest technology for vocational training in
areas having wage/self-employ ability; thereby increasing and developing youth participation in the economic & social development of the globe.
Together with its directors and teachers, Edu Brain Academy is privileged to be able to draw on the historical know-how in the fields of art and design. We have made it our mission to transfer this know-how to younger generations, to draw out
their creativity, teaching them the best methods and practices in their sector in general, and particularly in the fashion sector. Over and above teaching in the strict sense of the word,we aim to demonstrate to students a certain attitude: that of work done well, elegance, delivered with precision and creativity. Our value lies in our exposure to the world and the interaction that allows its student and teacher forced to share in the projects and daily life taking place within our Campus.
We pride ourselves in modelling our students into tomorrow's headliners in the world of fashion and luxury, across all continents.
We, Edu Brain Academy, provides Practical Based programs and services so that all the students meet and exceed their personal, educational, Career and Social goals in their life.The Vision of Edu Brain Academy is to provide an academically cohesive education within and between all departments on campus to ensure all students obtain essential skills
necessary to become educated and Productive Citizen. Preparing Students for success beyond Edu Brain is at the heart of our goals and is reflected in our Skills.
4. Being one of the emerging institutes, how is EDU Brain Academy preparing student for industry?
Edu Brain Academy provides Job ready courses and in their curriculum, the modules are directly linked with the industry type. No matter which programme they applied for. We provide the live projects and maximum of practical based activites which are included in their curriculum that meet the need of the industry. We prepare our students according to
the requiremed of the industry , where the students have plenty of opportunities for Compulsory internship and placement either in India or abroad. We make student interact directly with the corporate trainers or industries experts, where
they share their experience with them and we also take the students for industrial visit for  getting the life time experience of the industries.
5.Could you please elaborate on the importance of forming industry collaborations and what are the efforts EDU Brain Academy has taken in this direction? Please tell us about the major collaborations with the industry. The industry and institution collaboration have facilitated partnership between both industry and academic to create a more skilled workforce and driven the pathway for their students to enter into the industry to gain experience. We have signed MOU with many top
companies like Planet fashion, Zara, Levis, H&M,Fab Modulla, pepperfry ,myntra, Sony, Colours, Ritu kumar, lakme, Jw marriot, le Meridian and the list goes on with new more upcoming tie ups with the companies.
6. How do you stimulate your students to work harder and focus on their careers and pursuits? Can you share some of the special facilities that you have in place for these purposes?
With the new rising academic standards, Edu brain Academy always come up with new ways to help their student to work harder, where the teachers play a vitol role in motivating and encouraging their students to focus in their career. In the beginning of their year, we set some objectives, rules and regulation and inspiration to the students, so that they set their
goals towards work. Our teachers create a supportive environment and focus on the strength of each students, while providing personal attention to each and every students.In order to keep all the students motivated, we don’t believe only in classroom learning, we mix up the lessons with the more of live projects, market survey and researches. As all the
students are not on one scale, so to make the students ready for industry we help them to enhance their communication and computer language simultaneously.
7.What percentage of your graduates receive campus placements and where? Can you tell us about some of your key placements of your last batch?
Students are always concerned about the campus placements. They see the record of the past campus placements of the institution graduates coming out every year. Many companies aren't accepting applications, if the candidates fail to secure 60 per cent aggregate or more in final year or all three or four years of Graduation program. 90% of
students receive campus placement in Delhi/NCR or Internationally.____________

8.How is EDU Brain Academy encouraging innovation and creativity in students? What are the unique mechanisms the institute follow to achieve creative outputs from students?
Being an educational institution, it is necessary to think beyond imagination from the students and industry perspective. We always enthusiasm the main aspect of encouraging student that is innovations and creativity in the education system to nurture the creativity in the students. Sometimes we need to take risk in promoting new process and skills to upgrade the level of learning. But sometimes if it doesn’t work, we again try and modify our teaching method. Our faculties do proactive interactions with each student to showcase their ideas with everyone for incorporating more active learning into their teaching. Students are also facilitated with discussion with problem solving opportunities. Our faculties are free to take risk and try new ideas and thinking with the students, encouraging them with more of hands-on field work with new innovation and creativity.
9.What are the major achievements of EDU Brain Academy students that you are proud of?

We are proud of all our students, some of them have shown phenomenal result and achieved a great success in their career. Their individual performance has reflect the hard work of their faculties, mentors and parents. Our result has put us as best excellence award and institution comes under top 10 institution . It was a moment of great pride when some of the students got international placement in top companies in countries like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. Their dedication and
determination will surely help us to become an inspiration for our upcoming students to achieve their goals and great success.
10.How EDU Brain Academy promoting entrepreneurship in the campus? Please share with us the details of ventures started by the students at EDU Brain Academy.

11. What are the immediate plans of the institution?
The immediate plans of the institution is for the development and improvement in the programmes which means curriculum, new learning technologies ,teaching method and systematic way of education.

Shilpi Sharma, The Director of the Edu Brain Academy, She is an eminent individual who is a part of various national and international bodies and has also won many achievement Awards.
She is a post graduated with the Masters of Tourism and Administration from Amity University with the exemplary academic records. She has acquired special interest in overseas education consultancy. Her effort in improving the teaching and learning methodology by implementing new technologies has won her privileged and has been hailed as a Global Business Leader.