How to apply for B.Des in Fashion Design in 2023?


The Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in fashion design is a professional undergraduate degree offered by the EduBrain Academy . 

The program is designed to provide a broad knowledge base across design disciplines to equip students for careers in design or related fields such as product and graphic design, visual communications, architecture and interior design, industrial design and manufacturing as well as creative industries.

Students are also encouraged to explore other fields such as business management and entrepreneurship through an integrated curriculum that integrates theory with practice while they hone their skills in areas such as art history and philosophy.

The B.Des degree in Fashion Design is designed to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to design, create and market a variety of products. Students will learn how to effectively use computer applications, design software, and use advanced technical skills in order to produce a wide range of products that meet the needs of consumers.

The curriculum is divided into two parts:

Part I (Fashion Design) is for students who want to pursue a career as an artist or designer. It includes courses such as 2D Design (printmaking), 3D Design (photography), Drawing & Painting, Figure Drawing, Introduction to Intermedia, Introduction to Digital Technologies, Introduction to Product Development and Introduction to Textiles.

Part II (Apparel Design) is for students who want to pursue a career in fashion or textiles design or marketing. It includes courses such as Advanced Fashion Modeling; Advanced Sewing; Apparel Construction; Advanced Styling; Pattern Making & Cutting; Application of Specialty Fabrics; Merchandising & Marketing.

Step 1: Fill out the application form.

Step 2: Submit your application to the school of your choice.

Step 3: Wait for the admission notification.

Step 4: Get active for incoming course opening date for B des in fashion design in 2023.

B DES in fashion design is a program that focuses on the study of clothing design and other related subjects. It is offered by the EduBrain Academy . The program offers students an opportunity to learn about fashion and its history, as well as how it has evolved over time. Students will also learn about the different types of clothing and how they are created.

The B DES in fashion design program is offered at EduBrain Academy campus in New Delhi City. Students have the option to take courses at their own pace, or they can enroll in one or more courses at night while working full time during the day.

Students who wish to apply for this program must first complete a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution before applying for admission into this program. They must also have completed coursework in math, English, science and social studies related to fashion design. If you are interested in applying for admission into this program, it is important that you take note of the application process and deadlines that apply before submitting your application.

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