Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design 3yr / BSc / BFD

Duration: 3 Years
Type: Degree

Degree in Fashion Designing provides immense knowledge of design dresses, shoes, and other clothing. You can observe trends and supervise the development of new clothing lines. Clothing designers also coordinate the production of clothes for men, women, and children. Footwear designers design and coordinate the production of shoes and boots. Accessory designers design and coordinate the production of hats, glasses, belts, purses, and other accessories. Some fashion designers specialize in certain types of clothing for age groups, body types and commercial industries.

Here, at Edu Brain Academy, you can take a course of Bachelor in Fashion Designing and build depth knowledge in fashion science. The duration of this fashion designing degree course is 3-Years, and this course is affiliated with UGC approved universities. Here at Edu Brain Academy, you will get an intensive world-class premium quality education.

The talent of a fashion designer plays a big role in how people look, and their work also contributed to the cultural and social environment. We help you to learn in all production aspects of the design. Fashion Designer makes their own way by promoting themselves with the help of marketing and advertising.

If you want to build your career in this field then take the 3-year degree course of Edu Brain Academy to boost your artistic and creative personality. We help you to bring perfection in drawing and sketches for the finest professional work.

In this 3-year Fashion designing program, we analyze the fashion sense of the aspirants and improve their skills to bring their fashion ideas into trendy apparel. This course gives you intensive depth knowledge of the latest fashion trends, techniques, practical experiences with industrial training under the experiment faculties.

BSc in Fashion designing is the study of creating designs that include or involve the conversion of artistic talent and creativity into emerging a saleable product like clothes, footwear, jewelry, textiles, and other accessories. During this period, you will be able to know the detail of fragile market trends and related fashion behaviors. Edu Brain’s approach goes beyond formal teaching, apart from classroom training, we have international exposure in top fashion cities like Paris, Milan, London, New York, Singapore, to develop the creativity of students.

The key Skills of Fashion Designer include:
  • Work with other designers and merchandisers to create design prototypes
  • Develop designs using computer-aided programs
  • Follow trends in the fashion industry and determine which designers are likely to appeal to consumers in the future.
  • Develop theme based clothing lines and collections
  • Overseas clothing designs from through final production.
  • Attend trade shows to follow trends, present design and find fabrics
  • Promote clothing lines and designs to retailers and consumers.

Initial designs are created with inexpensive materials, and models wear the designs to determine how the clothes fit. After the clothes have been altered, sample designs constructed with the actual fabric are created and sent to potential buyers. Designers often market their clothes at fashion shows to get their designs and product in front of merchandiser and retail buyers.Fashion designers now employ computer aided design technology (CAD) to develop and create their designs. Most designers still sketch their preliminary designs then use CAD to expand on their designs. Designers can create their alterations on virtual models using CAD, saving them time and money. In this 3 year Degree programme, Students will get to learn Software where they enhance their skills in CAD and sharpen their Skills .

Learning Outcomes

  • Provides maximum of Practical training.
  • Fashion Shows/ Exhibitions.
  • The project-based 3 year Fashion Designing Course delivery duration is 4 hours include your practical and theory for the project and assignments along with industrial visits in big fashion houses and export houses.
  • The Fashion design Degree gives you the chance to do 6 months- 1 year of internship national and International in well-reputed fashion houses to understand real-time knowledge.
  • We focused on the detailed knowledge of the subjects, from the basic need of consumer/ customer, include fabric, colour, the latest trends, products, research, marketing, and systematic practical approach.
  • The Degree courses in fashion design give you intense skilled and helping you to create and your collection of trendy collections.
  • Our campus is well equipped with all necessary machinery and tools.
  • Personality Development Classes.
  • Providing Practical Kit.
  • Industrial Visits
  • Compare and contrast the interrelationships of physique apparel production on fabric, style, price point, target market and art elements and principles.
  • Appraise the influence of fiber selection and fabrication method on textile serviceability.
  • Identify the integration of multicultural fashion symbols into global fashion.
  • Market Survey & Research

Designers are inherently creative people, and so they can put their minds to any venture and it's going to be successful! Fashion design has been a booming career in India since a long time, with the cloth, textile and garment industry being one of the top most at all times throughout Indian economy. From starting your own Fashion Label, or design house, garment retail chain, textile industry, leather enterprise, export house, boutique to becoming a fashion show manager, running your accessory or media house etc. a World of Career Opportunities await young Fashion Designers. Let's take a look at some of the career options and job prospects after pursuing fashion design!

  • Celebrity stylist
  • Fashion journalist / blogger
  • Fashion photographer
  • Textile and apparel designer
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Fashion consultant
  • Fabric designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Accessories designer
  • Fashion buyer / merchandiser
  • Personal styling & shopping
  • Fashion business manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Image consultant
  • Advance editorial & commercial styling
  • Fashion business & entrepreneurship
  • Luxury brand management
  • Couture designer